Is the UN Security Council the appropriate forum for discussing climate change?

From the Reuters article:

“Western diplomats said Russia’s statement reflected long-standing concerns about Security Council agenda “creep.”

Temporary council members India and Brazil also said they doubted whether the body should be involved. Indian Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri said the council “does not have the wherewithal to address the situation.”

Developing countries railed against what they said was an attempt by the big-power club to muscle in on the territory of the 193-nation General Assembly and U.N. agencies specifically devoted to climate change.”

I share the concerns raised by the Russians, Indians and Brazilians.  The link between climate change and international security is tenuous at best, speculative in likelihood and disingenuous at worst.  In addition, there already exist a number of international organizations like the IPCC, UN Environmental Program and the World Meteorological Organization that are better geared towards understanding the ramifications of climate change.  Finally, the UNSC already has enough on its plate, ranging from the situations in Iraq, Côte d’Ivoire and Sudan to investigations of terrorism and genocide.


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