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Hop-Picking Diary

George Orwell lived as a tramp and went hop-picking in the late summer of 1931 to sustain himself.  He kept a diary of those times.  It makes fascinating reading, providing, as it does, an observant and heart-felt portrait of a destitute’s life in England in the interwar period.  A blog of that diary is here.

Saleem Shahzad’s Murder, Pakistan, and the ISI

I used to look forward to reading Syed Saleem Shahzad’s articles at Asia Times Online.  He had impeccable connections with the jihadis and the Pakistani establishment and used them to deliver nuggets of information weeks and months before other journalists and organizations.

He was always in trouble for his integrity and his refusal to shy away from reporting the truth.  Eventually, it all caught up with him and he was tortured and killed and left by the roadside a few months ago.  It was a tragedy and a setback for journalism, as once again one telling truth to power is destroyed by that power.  The New Yorker has a great piece about him and the circumstances surrounding his death.  Essential reading.